• For this outdoor animation, I woked together with Bertrand. The only request was "Pirates".

    He created and taught us a fighting choreography. Then we gathered our pirate gear and clothes to dress everybody, which was 7 people (fake "Jack Sparrow" already had his costume)

    Pirates 3
    Pirates 1
    Pirates 6
    Pirates 5
    Pirates 4
    Pirates 7
  • Corset realised during my training at efp.

    Based on a model studied by Janet Arnold in her book "Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620" adapted to a modern male bust, size 48.

    IMG 20210529 133134 web
    IMG 20210522 194831
  • Corset realised during my training at efp.

    Based on the model studied by Janet Arnold in her book "Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620" with a few adaptations, we made some adjustments to fit the model.

    Corset made in calicot, with piping around the neckline and armholes.

    IMG 20210201 165147
    IMG 20210201 165219
    IMG 20210201 165223
    Screen Shot 2021 05 30 at 14 54 23
  • It's kind of cliché, but the season has inspired me into knitting, or crocheting. Here is a bit of both:

    • Mittens with little owls, a first attempt at circular knitting
    • A fruit crocheted with a "scratchy" thread, to use as a reusable sponge !
    Owl mittens
    owl mittens, WIP
    Fruit sponge in crochet
    Ongoing crochet sponge
  • Another piece of clothes that I made by picking up the pattern from another one I like.

    I cut this dress in the straight grain, in a fabric mush less elastic than the original dress. When I tried it on, I had to add an extra piece at the waist level, and an invisible zipper to be able tu put it on.

    BONUS: in the leftovers, I tailored me a scrunchie !

    1. Sew together the small edges of a fabric rectangle, right sides together
    2. Sew the long edge while having the rectangle folded inside itself (it is a bit weird, it's shaped like a sausage unfolding on itself) and leave a small hole
    3. Unfold the scrunchie on the right side through the hole
    4. Pass an elastic band in the scrunchie
    5. Sew the elastic band with itself
    6. Close the small hole by hand or stitch very close from the fabric edge
    IMG 20200826 111827
    IMG 20200826 111934
    IMG 20200826 112005
    IMG 20200826 112058
    IMG 20200826 115016
    BONUS: How to sew a scrunchie

    BONUS: How to sew a scrunchie

    IMG 20200826 132440
    IMG 20200826 132518
    IMG 20200826 132814
    IMG 20200826 133123
    IMG 20200826 133522
    IMG 20200826 134115
  • I sewed these pants for me, based on the model of one of my favorite pants, and because I had large leftovers of purple linen.

    The top part is made of jersey and the pants hold with an elastic band.

    IMG 20200402 120723 1024x1365
    IMG 20200402 120738 1024x1365
    IMG 20200402 120732 1024x1365
  • I sewed a lot of masks during the lockdown, and a few more since.

    At first, a required model for an association, and then I developed my own model, according to what I judged more efficient and comfortable.

    Here is a link to the how to for those who want to try and do some at home.

    IMG 20200429 100722 1024x768
    IMG 20200428 131758 1024x768
    IMG 20200425 175525 1024x768
    IMG 20200403 135948 1024x1365
    IMG 20200330 173449 1024x1365
    IMG 20200327 133601 1024x768
    IMG 20200321 145322 1024x768
  • Duellistes et Vieilles Rancunes is a play written and interpreted by Bertrand Daine and Lou Chavanis, picturing two characters that keep fighting each other in many possible ways.

    For the play, I sewed them two cloaks, intentionally opposed:

    • One is reversible, with a satiny polyester lining, and a piping in the collar
    • The other is cheaper, made out of a washed out curtain, mended and shredded
    IMG 20200209 155406 1024x1365
    IMG 20200209 155218 1024x768
    IMG 20200209 155636 1024x1365
    IMG 20200209 160717 1024x1365
    IMG 20200209 155446 1024x1365
    IMG 20200209 131151 1024x768
    IMG 20200209 155521 1024x1365
    IMG 20200312 100533 1024x1365
    IMG 20200312 100724 1024x1365
    IMG 20200312 100658 1024x1365
    IMG 20200312 100553 1024x1365
    IMG 20200312 100815 1024x768
  • A cover to protect clothes.

    It's one of the first work to do at school, it allows to submit the other clothing inside. There's a zipper on one side, and on the other, a large pocket to hold a file or other notes. The top has an opening for a coat hanger, and, at the bottom, some straps can maintain it folded in 2.

    IMG 20200128 165621 1024x1365
    IMG 20200128 165441 1024x1365
    IMG 20200128 165604 1024x1365
    IMG 20200128 183230 1024x1365
    IMG 20200128 165203 1024x768
    IMG 20200128 165130 1024x768
    IMG 20200128 165023 1024x768
    IMG 20200128 152711 1024x768
  • To promote the play "Quatre Guitares pour Zorro", at the Avignon theater festival, we made soldiers jackets. The actors and volunteers wandered all across town looking for the masked fox, wearing them, everyday for a month.

    The parade outfits, as well as the costumes of the play, sometimes suffered from it and I had to mend a few of them there.

    IMG 20190711 142355
    IMG 20190720 111354 1024x1365
    IMG 20190711 141656 1024x768
    IMG 20190621 100916 1024x1365
    IMG 20190720 182418 1024x768

    Quickfix on a belt of a costume

  • I followed a module of sewing lessons at Cadavres Exquis. For the last class, I made this bolero based on an existing one that had to be adapted (several sizes too large). It is reversible, and the similar colours match a different pattern, depending on the exposed side.

    To close it, I crafted some japanese style ties, with fabric ribbons.

    IMG 20190626 163720 1024x1365
    IMG 20190626 163754 1024x1365
    IMG 20190626 163726 1024x1365
    IMG 20190626 163739 1024x1365
  • I created this dress for a Gatsby the Great immersive show.

    The dress is made of polyester fabric and tulle, with beads embodied by hand for a more Art Deco feeling.

    IMG 20190331 092934 1024x1365
    IMG 20190310 181452 1024x1365
    IMG 20190310 181504 1024x1365
    IMG 0750 e1565616293749
  • J'ai assisté la création des costumes de la pièce jeune public Jack et le haricot magique de la Vivre en fol Compagnie.

    Je suis principalement intervenue pour 4 personnages, que ce soit pour la collecte des éléments de costumes, la reprise de ceux-ci ou la couture de pièces complètes.

    J'ai aussi participé à la construction du décor: un gigantesque haricot en tissu rembourré, et son harnais de hissage, ainsi qu'un piano a queue factice.

    IMG 20190427 201830 1024x1365
    IMG 20190410 173232 1024x1365
    IMG 20190410 173248 1024x1365
    IMG 20190817 162539 1024x1365
    IMG 20190817 162529
    IMG 20190817 162954 1024x1365
    IMG 20190817 162938 1024x1365
    60184317 2235625743356356 993032374826565632 n 500x353
    Screen Shot 2019 08 12 at 15 40 33 1024x651
  • A short overalls, following a pattern, with free adjustments for some pieces of more coloured fabric.

    I added a pattern fabric at some places: one pocket on the front, one on the back, and half a strap on each side, and also the front pocket.

    Buttons are wooden and of different patterns and sizes.

    Front view with the patterned pockets and buttons
    Side view, with coloured buttons and back pocket
    Parts to be assembled
  • I entirely imagined this apron. I wanted something practical and long lasting.

    There are different types and sizes of pockets, a large central one, with, on top, a narrow one, 2 larger, one sealable, and loops for tools. The one on the chest can fit a smartphone.

    The top part is removable (zipper and snap-on buttons), to have a waist apron only.

    The belt is slipped inside a gutter to be replaceable by an actual one if necessary.

    The back of the neck is tied with a knot to be adjusted.

    Overall view
    Multiple pockets: a large central one, with on top a narrow one, 2 larger, one sealable, and loops for tools
    The top halt-removed, with the zipper and a snap-on button
    Back view with the original fabric belt
    View of the neck, tied with a knot
  • For this laced shirt with jabot, I followed a pattern. It is made of beige cotton.

    I hand crocheted the cord with a silver thread, using the Romanian Cord technique. It was quite a hassle because the thread was not appropriate for crocheting and kept splitting, but the Romanian Cords gives out a nice look and a slightly stretchable cord.

    With this same thread, I added small embroideries to the sleeves to have a matching tone and give a fancier aspect to the shirt.

    Front view of the shirt, with the jabot
    Side view of the shirt
    The jabot and silver cord laced on the front
    The sleeve with embroideries
  • I based this on an existing pattern for a woman pirate jacket, and had to patch up the back to match a masculine stature. Very amateur but enough for the comfort.

    I sewed small braids along the sleeves, the pockets, and on the front.

    IMG 20181223 183812 500x667
    IMG 20181210 234518 1024x1365
    IMG 20190115 090750 500x667
  • I adapted this dress found in second hand:

    • narrowing the waist
    • opening the back
    • reusing the removed fabric to create a collar closed with a button
    • widening the cleavage
    I also created a mask with patterns similar to the fabric, with glitters and glue, for a themed party.
    IMG 20181024 WA0001 1024x576
    Robe NOLA 423x700
    IMG 20180930 192959 500x667
    IMG 20180930 192950 500x667
  • One of my very first creation after getting my sewing machine. I wanted to make me a top to wear a lace collar that I got on a flea market. I gathered clothes from a second hand store, cut and assembled them, to turn them into this jacket.

    It was real fun for a first experience, because it was full of challenges: zipper, buttonholes, sewing elastic bands, transferring a waistcoat pattern as a baseline, discovering the machine, and dealing with a limited length and shape of fabric ...

    I finally got to wear it for a wedding, with that lace collar !

    Jacket, front view
    Jacket, back view
    Jacket, back detail
    Jacket, the base materials

    The base materials