• July 2021 - September 2021
    "Les Pirates envahissent la Ferme"

    Creation of pirate costumes for an outdoor animation during Summer 2021

  • June 2021
    "Les Naufragés de l'Autocar" (Liora Berliner)

    Student film at INSAS, costume designer and wardrobe manager for most of the characters

  • March 2021
    "Lupus" (Zoé Brichau)

    Student film at INSAS, costume designer and wardrobe manager, police riot outfits and civilian characters

  • October 2020
    "Marianson" (Thierry Knauff)

    Intership on the shooting of the movie
    Altering and modifying of pre-existing costumes, dressing and maintenance during the shooting

  • 2020
    Duellistes et Vieilles Rancunes

    Creation of cloaks, used for stage fighting

  • 2019 - ongoing
    Training in Régisseur - Technicien de costumes de spectacle

    Stage costumes technician
    at efp Brussels

  • February 2020 - April 2020
    Les Cadavres Exquis (internship)

    Internship at Les cadavres exquis
    Sewing creations, upcycling, mending, sorting materials and fabrics, helping during sewing classes

  • 2019
    Jack! (assisting)

    Assisting for the creation of costumes and scenography by Astrid Lambeaux Theater play for younger crowd, creation of the Vivre en fol Compagnie