To Contact Me

Philine Wollast

You can contact me for any request of visual creation:
announcement cards, press cartoon, illustration, graphical project of any kind...

For work or internship in sewing/costume creation,
whether it is for theater or movie, historical reenactment, LARP, or anything else needing a bit of competence and a bunch of creativity.

I do other things in my life, I develop websites, like this one for example, and I adapted a boardgame (The Crew) to play online with friends during lockdown.
I also practise stage combat, but you can find more about that on the website of Bertrand Daine who initiated me and continues to train me.
You might also have seen me on boardgame events, explaining games (sometimes in English) for friends.
Or maybe welcoming you at any event of the Vivre en fol Cie, they are friends too !